Egyptian Giza cotton, the best cotton?

One cannot really go wrong with cotton when shopping for a new suit, shirt or any other apparel. Characterized by its fluffy and soft texture, cotton is one of the most preferred materials used in making clothing that is breathable, light and comfortable. 

Considering the fact that there are different cotton types around the world, Egyptian cotton, however, is considered the best one on the planet and for good reason. Egyptian cotton is one of the rarest, most expensive and special.

So, what makes this type of cotton better than normal cotton?

The reason is that when it comes to cotton quality the most fundamental perspective to its quality is the length of its fibres or strands: the more drawn out the filaments, the better the cotton. This is because more drawn-out staple converts into the progressively continuous fibre to utilize when making the yarn. Continuous strands have less joins, giving more grounded strings and a more extended enduring texture. Additionally, because the texture is more grounded, the extra-long filaments can be made into fine yarn, bringing about a milder and progressively brilliant texture that can't be given by short-stapled cotton.

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Cotton that has the longest strands all originate from Gossypium Barbadense, a plant requiring full sun, a high moistness rainfall that gives curiously long velvety filaments. Gossypium Barbadense is liable for the entire Extra Long Staples cotton (ELS), which incorporate the varieties of WISICA Sea Island (from where the plant begins), American Pima, Indian Suvin, Chinese Xinjiang and Egyptian Giza. Egyptian Giza is the variety that can build up the longest staples and is in this way considered the best and somewhat better than the notable American brand of 'Supima' cotton.

Is Giza cotton the same as Egyptian cotton?

Even though Giza cotton is grown in Egypt, what makes it different from Egyptian cotton is its very specific area of cultivation. It is grown and harvested by the Nile Delta where rainfall, sun, humidity, and soil condition joined to create a climatic paradise for the development of Gossypium Barbadense, bringing about the best cotton on the planet.

The perfect combination of environmental conditions and nutrient-rich soils around the Nile river is what makes Giza cotton so special with the following characteristics:

Superior strength  

Fabrics spun from the plants cultivated in this region are finer and last longer than any other cotton. Finer yarn means a higher thread count, the weave of the fabric is significantly stronger and lasts a lot longer than regular cotton.  

Excellent colour fastening 

Egyptian Giza cotton guarantees the highest levels of fibre purity. It has the ability to absorb dyes deeper and truer, making it more resistant to fading and adding that solidity of colour brightness onto the fabric. 

Lustrous and fineness 

Giza cotton is handpicked, so it puts less stress on the fibres, leaving them straight and intact. These fibre staples are longer and able to create very fine and tight threads giving the fabric a flexible and soft characteristic, unlike regular cotton staple which are stiffer and has more splices. 


Since pure Egyptian Giza Cotton Fabric consists of finer threads spun from handpicked fibre that has long and uniform staple length, they can be woven flatter to produce a more consistent finish that is resistant to colour stress and warping. 

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There are many desired characteristics that make Egyptian Giza cotton such a prized fabric in clothes making, and it is easy to see why. If you are looking for a high-quality cotton shirt, there is no doubt to go for a genuine piece of Egyptian Giza cotton.